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M.S., R.D., L.D.N., P.F.T.

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Creating Ageless Beauty and Health by Honoring the Body

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hear Learn behaviors that honor your body and naturally transform it into its best at any age! By understanding and providing what the body needs to thrive; physically, mentally, and spiritually, it will be a strong vessel to

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and not hinder your heart's desires, fulfilling your unique divine purpose, and living your “best” life!

tube medical video visit gynecoltube medical video visit gynecol A Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist since 1991, Sandie Lynch obtained her Masters in Public Health Education with a certification in Healthcare Administration in 1999. In the same year, she became a certified Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer. Since then, Sandie has acquired additional fitness certifications in Aerobic Instruction, and Pilates.

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craigslist tahoe boat al Sandie possesses a broad spectrum of experience in Healthcare Management, Food Service management, Clinical Nutrition management, and individual patient care providing nutritional support for various acute and chronic diseases such as diabetes, renal failure, cardiovascular disease, and others.

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how to make aheaboard out of an antique door She started her own business in 2003, ATP Consultants (Attain Top Performance) with a passion to coach and support individuals who desire to overcome struggles regarding eating, weight and fitness. This passion stems from her own personal experiences and struggles of being obese and a yo-you dieter from age 16 to 28.  She was frequently asked to share the program she designed that transformed her body and spirit to her personal best at age 48.  Therefore, in 2010 she incorporated and launched her signature program: ATP 16-8-2™, a holistic approach to health and fitness; teaching 5 essential strategies to Attain Top Performance at any age.

Sandie's services include; nutrition educaton/consultation, fitness training using the ATPtube medical video visit gynecoltube medical video visit gynecolgynecol
approach, wellness lifestyle coaching, public speaking, workshops and wellness retreats. Her services are offered for individuals or groups, in corporate and/or private settings.  She always ensures a personalized approach
for the individual need to optimize and maximize results.  Her years of expertise and personal experience allows her to empathize and connect with her clients on a deeper level, making sure their journey with her is safe, fun, and takes them where they want to go.

Contact her today and start your journey to Attain Top Performance!